At the Bonneville Salt Flats, with dog-daughter, 2013.

LOUDCANARY is one interconnected journey through everything and nothing.

It’s also the online home of Brian Awehali, whose work, most often focused on ecology, economics and social justice, has been something like a small caged bird in a big dark hole, but it’s appeared in or on dozens of print and online publications, including The Guardian, Z magazine, The Progressive, The Brooklyn Rail, East Bay Express, The Columbia Journalism Review, Britannica.com, Kansan Uutisten Viikkolehti (People’s Weekly News, Finland), Ger (Denmark), Third World Resurgence (Malaysia), and the 2006 and 2007 volumes of Censored: The Top 25 Censored Stories (Seven Stories Press).

Silhouette taken in Gorkhi Terelj Protected Area, in Mongolia.

In 2004, I founded LiP: Informed Revolt, a North American quarterly magazine devoted to politics, culture, sex and humor, which I edited until late 2007. LiP garnered awards from several local and national organizations and publications, including SXSW, Utne, and The East Bay Express. During this period, several features I wrote, about the Cobell v. Norton “Indian Trust” case and about alternative energy development projects on Native American lands (“Native Energy Futures“) were recognized with awards from Project Censored and the Society of Professional Journalists (Washington State chapter).

Tipping the Sacred Cow - The Best of LiP: Informed Revolt

I also edited and designed Tipping the Sacred Cow (AK Press, 2007), an anthology of LiP’s best material. Contributors included Vandana Shiva, Tim Wise, Winona LaDuke, Lisa Jervis, Bruce Levine, Mary Roach, Boots Riley, Jeff Chang, Michael Eric Dyson, Timothy Kreider and Christopher Hitchens, among many others. [Full PDF of Tipping the Sacred Cow now available - free.]

“LiP is one of the finest political publications in the country, and I recommend it for your mental and political self-defense.

— Van Jones, environmental advocate, president of Rebuild the Dream, and author of The Green Collar Economy (2008)

“Funny, refreshing, intelligent and outrageous!”

— Historian and activist Howard Zinn (1922-2010)

Prior to founding and running LiP, I was the Books (and later, Technology) Editor for Britannica.com (in Chicago), the online magazine of Encyclopædia Britannica. For six months in 2002, I worked in Seattle as Interim Executive Editor for Sea Kayaker magazine while the full-time Executive Editor was out on maternity leave. In 2003-4, I worked as Web Editor for the Santa Fe New Mexican, one of the last independent daily newspapers in the U.S.

As time between my primary pursuits allowed, I also contributed my editorial and design expertise to the Chicago-based Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co., the world’s oldest continuously operating radical labor press, the Western Prison Project, The Great Books Foundation, The Nader/LaDuke Green Party candidacies of 1996 and 2000, and several Pacific Northwest-based non-profit environmental organizations.

I was born in Missouri and am a tribal member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, though I mostly roam Pacific coasts with my partner and dog-daughter.

Perspectives in a Ghost Town - Bodie, CA


You may contact me by email here. I am available for journalism and photography assignments.


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