» LiP: INFORMED REVOLT – The Grossly Unexpected Bugs Issue

LIP: Informed Revolt #7 - The Grossly Unexpected Bugs Issue

Some people shot us weird looks when we announced “bugs” as the theme for the final issue of LiP. A few others reacted with exuberance, as if all this time we’d been talking about the political, what they’d been really wanting to read about was the entomological.

This issue was an attempt to slip a certain noose of predictable political formulations. One of several operational definitions given for “politics” is “the total complex of relations between people living in society,” yet the obvious interdependence of human beings and the natural and animal world makes it reasonable to expand the definition of politics to include, well, just about everything; even—especially, as it turns out—bugs.

The lineup and links to a PDF of the complete issue after the jump…

  • Gods & Monsters: Bugs in Modern Western Culture, Inc. – by Christy Rodgers
  • Breeding Resistance: Malaria & the Global Pesticide Pandemic – by Jeff Conant and Tim Krupnik
  • Torture, Inc: Anatomy of a CIA Front Company – Brian Awehali interviews A.C. Thompson & Trevor Paglen
  • Every Cockroach is Beautiful to its Mother – by Kari Lydersen
  • Profit, Control & the Myth of Total Security – by Brian Awehali & Ariane Conrad
  • Fear, Profiteering & the Culture of Mistrust – by Nell Greenberg
  • Pheremoan (insect erotica, in a manner of speaking) – by Nikolai Kingsley
  • Darwin vs. the Ant: The Altruism of Bugs & Humans – by Erin Wiegand
  • [reading] Break the Bank: Counterfeiter Extraordinaire, Alves Reis, & the Portuguese Currency Crisis – by Sam Burton
  • [excerpt] The Plague of Disbelief – Albert Camus
  • Please Step Away from the Vernacular: Race, Slang & Roget’s Thesaurus – by Elizabeth & Stuart Ewen
  • Flirting with Death & Living – Lisa Jervis interviews Kate Bornstein
  • REVIEWEDRising Tide: The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927 & How it Changed Everything; Pink Ribbons, Inc: Breast Cancer & the Politics of Philanthropy; homegrown: engaged cultural criticism by bell hooks & Amalia Mesa-Bains; Outsiders Within: Writings on Transracial Adoption, edited by Jane Jeong Trenka, Julia Chinyere Oparah & Sun Yung Shin; Transgender Rights, edited by Paisley Currah, Richard M. Juang & Shannon Price Minter.

Download the complete “Grossly Unexpected” Bugs Issue of LiP [PDF].


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